Zero 2 Landfill  Tick

Xpress Labels is part of the Zero 2 landfill scheme which is in partnership with Prismm Environmental

Label & Foil Waste is going directly to landfill even when it can be recycled or recovered

  • An estimated 120,000 tonnes of label & foil waste is landfilled in the UK annually
  • Mainstream waste contractors are not able to offer viable recovery options for bulky label waste
  • Landfilling this waste is more costly and environmentally irresponsible
  • Other options have previously proven to be more costly and inefficient
  • Logistics of moving this waste is difficult due to size and weight
  • We are able to process label & foil waste and avoid sending to landfill
  • Size no longer matters as we can send off anything from 600kg to 26 tonnes at a time
  • Every printer in the UK from the smallest to the largest is inclusive and we are proud to be a part of the scheme
  • We work with a well developed cost effective and efficient logistical network that covers the entire UK
  • We can guarantee total destruction and offer Certificates of Destruction for all waste collected
  • Label Printers already signed up to the scheme diverted 104,608 tonnes from landfill in 2017

Xpress labels is confident that our label & foil waste is no longer going to landfill and is being reused for the better of the environment