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Industry and Home Care

Labelling for all Industries

Xpress Labels not only have a great deal of experience in dealing with labels for food, drink and the health care sectors we also deal with a wide range of businesses offering products in an even wider range of market places. One thing that a lot of these products have in common is that they are used either in or on the home.
We produce labels for everything from roofing materials through to candles and glue. This wide range of products have wildly different requirements and call on our vast knowledge of labelling materials, finishes and production techniques.

With such a wide range of labelling applications we are very much the labelling chameleons, we have to change and adapt to provide the right label at the right price at the right time for our customers.

Experience, Scale and Quality

Our experienced team want to make your journey with us as easy as possible. We will support and guide you all the way from concept to delivery, advising on the best materials and ways to print your labels. We are able to work efficiently with designers through to production staff to ensure every aspect of the process delivers to your expectations.

Our quality is second to none. Be assured that, as a customer, we understand the importance of delivering a consistent high standard every time. We know fast turnaround and deadlines are really important in the consumer packaging industry and we always strive to live up to our name.

Home Care Label Printing

Flexible Labelling Solutions for Your Business.

We deal with all types of businesses with all types of requirements. Whether you’re a small kitchen table producer through to a multinational building materials company we have the scale to cost-effectively deliver the labels you need. Our team will work with you to ensure you end up with the right labels for your products.

“Clydebridge and Xpress have worked together for a number of years and in that time have developed a strong working relationship. As a toll manufacturer we do not print anything under our own brand and therefore require Xpress to not only understand our business model but also deliver high quality print for our clients across a wide portfolio of brands and products. Jake and Clive work seamlessly with our business and make the whole process easy and stress-free”Jacob Froggett, Clydebridge Chemicals

“Whax produce our own range of scented candles as well as acting as a contract supplier for another brand. We started working with Xpress 4 years ago appointing them as our partner for labels. We have worked with Xpress on numerous projects for our own brand products as well as products for our contract customer. Whax and Xpress enjoy a close working relationship, we are always impressed by their attention to detail, quality of the finished labels and always impressive lead times and support on fast turnaround jobs. Whax is very proud to work so closely with Xpress as their only label supplier.“

Some of the brands we Have worked With

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