Sentry On-line Label Inspection System Tick

The only label inspection system that delivers accuracy of 99.8% eliminating costly false rejects. Developed by CSL Developments in conjunction with Arla Foods.

There are many label inspection systems on the market today which can read a label. What our competitors cannot do is eliminate false rejects causing a large percentage of your product to be re-packaged at great expense to your business. Sentry is unique in that it reads the label while being printed eliminating failure due to focal length variations and skewing of the pack on the conveyor.

Sentry Vision System is the safety net for any packaging production line. Several images per package can be selected for inspection. The unique way that Sentry employs a series of line scan and area scan cameras in conjunction with its optical character verification software ensures, that images of pre-printed information, overlay texts and barcodes are captured, inspected and verified at high speeds.

When the system detects an incorrect image or piece of text it can stop immediately to allow the root cause of failure to be dealt with. Sentry is the ultimate system in protecting against costly product recalls and reducing wastage.


  • Incorrect dates
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Labels that are of incorrect specification being used
  • Incorrect barcodes
  • Expensive and time consuming product recalls and re-work
  • Human error during quality checks


  • Reduced risk of legal irregularities
  • Right first time production
  • Accurate fulfilment of orders
  • Easy to use set-up and monitoring functions
  • Full training for operators and Managers
  • Remote access to the system allowing managers to monitor production more effectively
Sentry main image v2-398

Sentry Vision System is user friendly and easy to set up and use without causing any losses to production operations whilst Installation takes place.

Sentry applies three simple steps to each new product and packaging change:

  1. The areas of packaging that require inspecting are entered into the system either via integration with the site production planning system or manually onto the Sentry system. These details are specified on production information sheets and will vary from barcode reading right through to character verification on all text and images.
  2. The Sentry system will now be set to monitoring mode. This mode allows the cameras to gather images of the products and display them on the kiosk's touch screen. The system operator/ manager may now highlight the text and images they wish the system to inspect by drawing a box around each logo region. Once all of the areas requiring inspection have been selected and set-up the user will end the monitoring phase and begin the production run.
  3. During Inspection mode, Sentry will identify the configured logo, character and barcode areas to ensure the correct label is present. Logos will be identified in the configured areas to stop label stock and artwork change issues arising. Use by and/or display until date will be read, checked for position and print quality and calculated against the products configured offset days to verify that the correct date has been printed in the correct location. Sentry has the ability to verify entire barcodes, check for elements within a changeable barcode such as PLU, weight and price information.