Let us help you make it stick

How do you make your brand stand out?

With nearly 20 years experience, let us show you how to make your brand stand out.

Using simple embelishments so not only is your label an experience to hold but to interact with your consumers.

Getting your message and product information across in your own way.


Using cold or hot foils, tactile, opalescent or matt varnishes, lamination techniques you can make the simplest designs stand out. We partner with some of the highest quality suppliers in the industry to help bring the highest quality to your labels finish.

Material choice will always enhance your label, we can help you choose the right material to suit your business needs, helping you make the most of your label choice.

Inks & Plates

Colour & Quality

Colour management and the most innovative plates in today's market. Make every image stand out.

Using Paragon Inks Holdings Ltd's Luna ink range and state of the art screening technology.

We caputre the finest detail and make it stand out.

Next level of colour control

Bring a concept to life

Make your labels take flight

Bespoke labels on a multitude of substrates

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