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    Flexographic Printing: A Cost-Efficient Solution

    Flexographic (Flexo) printing is a cost-efficient method ideal for medium to large volume print runs on various paper and film substrates. This versatile technology serves a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, home and personal care, pet and garden care, DIY and industrial products, as well as product identification, medical, and cosmetic labels.

    Key Capabilities

    Our flexo printing capabilities are impressive. We can achieve print widths of up to 355mm and use up to 9 different ink colours. Our machinery features multiple die-cutting stations, and we offer a variety of inks, including water-based, UV, soya-based, and metallic inks.
    We can handle various finishing processes such as cold foiling and in-line lamination, and we have the capability to print on the reverse side of the label material. Additionally, we excel in monochrome variable data printing on the label's front, liner, and adhesive side. This capability empowers us to support large variable data printing campaigns, making your labels more relevant and engaging to consumers.

    Features and Benefits of Flexographic Printing

    • Cost-Effective for Large Runs  - Cost savings for high-volume print jobs, reduced per-unit printing costs
    • High Quality - Exceptional print and product quality
    • High-Speed Production - Faster turnaround and efficient production
    • In-Line Converting - Streamlined and integrated production processes
    • Short Lead Times - Rapid order fulfilment and reduced waiting times
    • Versatility - Adaptable to a wide range of printing and production needs
    • Compatibility with Various Substrates - Versatility for different materials, expanding the range of products
    • Vibrant and Durable Inks - Durable and fade-resistant prints, suitable for products exposed to harsh conditions
    • Spot Colour Printing - Precise spot colour matching for brand consistency and quality
    • Customisation Options - A range of finishing options for enhanced aesthetics and protection
    Packaging LabelsPackaging Labels
    Packaging LabelsPackaging Labels

    Expertise and Support

    Custom self-adhesive label printing is our specialty. Should you require assistance in the development of your label design and construction, our pre-press and technical sales team is readily available to share their knowledge in printing and converting. We maintain partnerships with leading suppliers and have access to the latest materials, equipment, and technology to help you achieve the goals you've set for your product.

    Discover Our Label Products and Applications

    Introducing our extensive range of label products and applications to help your brand stick. Explore our comprehensive list of products and applications in the table below to discover the perfect labels for your requirements.

    Products & Applications

    Beverage Labels, Scratch-Off Labels, Drinks Labels, Double-Sided Labels, Food Labels, Pressure Sensitive Labels, Ingredient Labels, Variable Data Labels, Packaging Labels, Thermal Labels, Brand Security & Protection Labels, Foil Labels, Tamper Evident Labels, Holographic Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Personal Care Labels, Waterproof Labels, Pharmaceutical Labels, Durable Labels, Medical Labels, Industrial Labels, Warning Labels, Home Care Labels, Extended Content Labels, Garden Care Labels, Multi-Layer / Piggyback Labels, Pet Care Labels, Direct Mail Labels, DIY Labels
    At Xpress Labels, we're dedicated to delivering eye-catching and versatile custom label self-adhesive solutions that match any colour on the spectrum. Your product's success is our priority, and we're equipped to support your label printing needs with the highest quality and expertise.

    Where your Journey Matters

    The knowledgeable members of our staff are dedicated to making your time spent with us as stress-free as humanly possible. We will provide you with support and guidance throughout the entire process, from the conception to the delivery, advising you on the most effective materials and printing methods for your labels. We can collaborate effectively with the designers as well as the production staff to guarantee that every stage of the process will meet or exceed your expectations.

    We distinguish ourselves from the competition by producing fast labels of the highest quality. Rest assured that as a customer, we appreciate the significance of meeting and exceeding expectations at each one and every opportunity. We understand the consumer packaging industry places a premium on quick turnaround times and meeting strict deadlines, and we make it a point to always live up to our name.

    Packaging Labels

    Some of our Flexo Labels

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