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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR at Xpress Labels embodies our commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations, a responsibility we hold dear as part of the packaging industry. Recognised for its environmental challenges, our industry is one we aim to transform. We provide our clients with sustainable and eco-friendly labelling solutions, leading by example with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness. In addition to our environmental efforts, we are committed to being a positive force within our community. Our partnership with Aylesbury United Football Club marks the beginning of our journey to further integrate and contribute to our community's well-being. At the heart of Xpress Labels, we believe that our team members are our most valuable assets. Achieving our goals and realising our vision hinges on our ability to attract and retain top-tier talent. It is our ambition to make Xpress Labels not just a workplace, but a world-class environment where excellence thrives.
Sedex and Eco Vadis provide Xpress Labels with access to platforms where we can effectively provide our customers with confidence that Xpress Labels is the right partner, both for high quality labels and to support their drive towards an ethical and sustainable supply chain and manage our suppliers and collaborate on sustainability initiatives.

Environmental Responsibility

As part of our corporate social responsibility drive, Xpress Labels are determined to improve our environmental performance so that we can minimise our environmental impact and our contribution to our customers.

We are introducing labels with higher recycled content, working with new and more environmentally friendly inks and varnishes, and examining every aspect of our impact on the environment. Read more here.

Xpress Labels can provide Scope 3 data for customers.

In 2023, Xpress Labels re-used, recycled, or otherwise diverted from landfill over 99.7% of all the business’s waste. Our goal in 2024 is to achieve 100% zero to landfill.

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