Xpress Labels Achieves Living Wage Foundation Accreditation

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A Commitment to Fair Pay and Social Responsibility. We are thrilled to announce that Xpress Labels Limited has received accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation, a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering a supportive and ethical workplace. This accreditation signifies our dedication to ensuring that every member of our team earns a wage that meets the real cost of … Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility Accreditation

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We got our first grade. On the 17th May, 2024, Xpress Labels achieved a High Silver Corporate Social Responsibility accreditation at our first attempt, scoring 76% in the review by CSR-Accreditation’s panel of experts. Xpress Labels was the first company to sign up as an Associate Member of CSR Accreditation back in March and is now delighted to have achieved … Read More

Local Printing Company That Is Going the Extra Mile

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We go the extra mile. The Midnight Walk Weekend is on Saturday 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd June. Xpress Labels, an Aylesbury based label manufacturer, has 20 people who will join the ten mile walk overnight. Jack Clark, Director said recently; “We are not experienced walkers, but we are all committed to doing our part.” The goal is for employees … Read More

Our Heritage and Proud Traditions

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Hazell Watson & Viney brought the print trade to Aylesbury back in 1867.  In 1878 the company acquired a site in Tring Road, Aylesbury, a site that had been undergoing periodic expansion since 1885.  By 1939, 1,700 people, or over a quarter of Aylesbury’s working population, worked at the town’s iconic printing works.  The print works continued to flourish after … Read More

From Press to Pitch

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As part of our community partnership, Xpress Labels creates Panini-style foil labels for Aylesbury United F.C. Earlier this month, Xpress Labels proudly sponsored the Aylesbury United vs. Ware match, an event designated as Community Day by the club. With roots tracing back to the print works of the 1800s, our partnership with Aylesbury United extends beyond mere financial support. It … Read More

Sustainable Labels

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Definition of sustainable labels. Xpress Labels is proud to offer sustainable labels that are not only environmentally friendly but also meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainable labels are manufactured using materials and processes that have a minimal impact on our planet. These labels are characterised by their eco-friendly materials, which include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and rock … Read More

Celebrating Global Recycling Day 2024

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New Appointment in Sustainability and Quality Management. As part of our increasing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and protecting the environment as we grow, Xpress Labels has added a Sustainability & Quality Manager to its existing CSR and environment-focused team. Phil Metcalfe will take responsibility for maintaining our AA+ BRC certification, improving health and safety, and quality assurance but … Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

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Meet Roxy: a trailblazer in the printing industry. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Xpress Labels is proud to introduce Roxana Mois, a dynamic team member who’s bringing print excellence and gender parity to the traditionally male-dominated printing industry. Roxy’s journey at Xpress Labels is a testament to her determination, the evolving landscape of the printing world, and its … Read More

Reliable Label Printing Companies

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Definition of label printing companies. Label printing companies are specialised businesses that provide printing services for a wide range of products, including glass and plastic bottles, cans and jars, cartons, and flexible packaging. These companies cater to various industries, such as the food and beverage sector, the health and beauty industry, cosmetics, and pharmacy and pharmaceutical products. When it comes … Read More

Everything you need to know about beverage labels

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Brief overview of the importance of beverage labels Beverage labels play a crucial role in differentiating products and attracting consumer attention in today’s competitive market. The design and information displayed on these labels greatly influence the overall consumption experience, making it imperative for companies to invest in high-quality, attractive packaging labels. In a sea of similar products, a well-designed label … Read More