Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

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Meet Roxy: a trailblazer in the printing industry.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Xpress Labels is proud to introduce Roxana Mois, a dynamic team member who’s bringing print excellence and gender parity to the traditionally male-dominated printing industry. Roxy’s journey at Xpress Labels is a testament to her determination, the evolving landscape of the printing world, and its progress towards gender equality.

A serendipitous start leads to great things.

Roxy’s foray into printing began six years and three months ago when she stumbled upon a job listing online. With a swift call from the Managing Director and a quick two-day turnaround, Roxy embarked on what would become a transformative career path.

Rising through the ranks at Xpress Labels.

Starting in 2017 as a warehouse packer, Roxy quickly demonstrated her aptitude and eagerness to learn. Her journey at Xpress saw her transition into rewinding for 18 months before the company’s investment in new technology opened the door for her to learn the Digicon finisher—a machine akin to a printing press in its technical complexity. After 2.5 years and a pivotal conversation with the owner about her future, Roxy took the opportunity to express her ambition to become a digital printer, setting her sights on a goal that would soon materialise.

Working in a field predominantly occupied by men.

When asked about her experience as a woman in the printing industry, Roxy speaks positively, attributing her success in production roles to the supportive men in the flexographic and digital press teams who have been instrumental in her training. Her innate curiosity and proactive approach to learning have been key factors in her seamless integration and growth within the team. Jack Clark, Director of People at Xpress, said this: “Xpress Labels has always been and will always be a place where our people can carve their own path. Our Chairman set the business up from nothing, and our Managing Director started as a press operator. Our Operations Director, like Roxy, started in the warehouse. Roxy started her journey as a warehouse packer, always living and breathing her job and working hard. The key piece here is that our people look at how the job can be done better, not just how it is done now. Roxy is a prime example of such a person and an inspiration to aspiring women looking to get into print.”

Xpress Labels’ role in career development.

Xpress Labels has played a crucial role in Roxy’s professional development. Upon expressing her desire to advance, the company invested in her by providing training in Barcelona. This Level 1 training equipped her to operate the digital press for a year, and within the last six months, Roxy has risen to the role of a lead digital printer at the company.

Looking forward to future goals and aspirations.

Roxy’s ambition doesn’t stop there. She aims to achieve Level 2 accreditation on the HP press and to learn the Flexographic presses. While a leadership role in management is on her horizon, her passion for production keeps her grounded in the hands-on aspect of her work for now. One thing is certain, Roxy is looking forward to a long career in print, with Xpress supporting her at every stage.

Xpress is leading the charge for more diversity and inclusivity.

Xpress Labels is working to change the perception of the industry as male-dominated. The Managing Director, David Ross, emphasises a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where all employees are valued regardless of gender.: “Xpress Labels actively recruits and promotes talented women like Roxy to show our commitment to gender equality and representation. Xpress ensures equal pay based on performance, not gender, and provides training and support for women to succeed in the printing industry. By championing gender diversity, our company aims to challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive industry.”

A message to aspiring women in print.

Roxy leaves us with a powerful message for women considering career opportunities for women in print: “It’s hard physical work, requires determination, there is mental pressure, it’s a steep learning curve. The HP Indigo digital press and Digicon finishing are all about engineering. It’s tough, but never give up; we are just as good as men”

Roxy’s story is not just one of personal achievement but also a beacon for gender equality in the printing industry. Her journey at Xpress Labels shows that, with the right support and determination, women can lead in any field they choose.