Revitalising Aylesbury’s Footballing Legacy Through Partnership

David RossArticle, Community

Xpress Labels Joins Forces with Aylesbury United as a Community Partner.

On Friday 2nd February, Aylesbury United started a new chapter by welcoming Xpress Labels as their new community partner. Against the backdrop of the historic Hazell Watson and Viney print works, directors from both organisations marked the formal commencement of this significant collaboration.

Restoring Our Roots by Bringing the Ducks Home

Despite being without a home ground and currently situated in Chesham, Aylesbury United remains deeply rooted in the history of Aylesbury, dating back to the Print Works Football Team. The mission to “Bring the Ducks Home” reflects a shared commitment to restoring the club’s presence within the community and securing a new community stadium. Xpress Labels’ investment not only supports the club’s football teams but also serves as a vehicle for giving back to the local community.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Growth

Aylesbury United holds a prestigious position in non-League football history, known for iconic moments such as facing the England national team in a memorable friendly and the legendary FA Cup run of the mid-1990s. The club’s enduring spirit and rich heritage continue to captivate supporters and sponsors alike, ensuring its legacy lives on. For Xpress Labels, the partnership signifies more than just corporate collaboration; it embodies a shared vision to ensure the prosperity of Aylesbury’s printing trade for generations to come. The company’s dedication to fostering growth, employment, and positive social impact aligns seamlessly with the values of Aylesbury United, heralding a promising future for both entities and the town as a whole.

Celebrating Partnership: Voices from Aylesbury United and Xpress Labels

Simon Lacey, Director of Aylesbury United Football Club, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, emphasising its significance in the club’s journey back to its rightful place within Aylesbury. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Xpress Labels.  Their commitment to bringing positive social impact to the local community resonates with our own commitment to Aylesbury, our supporters, and our sponsors. This long-term partnership is a significant step in our journey, bringing us closer to our rightful nesting grounds and ensuring that our supporters and sponsors are at the heart of our return.”

Supporting the Pan-disability and Children’s teams

Meanwhile, Xpress Labels echoes this sentiment, expressing immense pride in joining forces with Aylesbury United and contributing to the town’s vibrant legacy. David Ross, Managing Director of Xpress Labels, said, “Our investment supports the club’s pan-disability and children’s teams, reflecting our dedication to local growth and social impact. As Xpress Labels undergoes significant growth, this partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of continuing to revitalise the printing trade in Aylesbury, a town historically reliant on this craft. We are thrilled to be part of Aylesbury United’s journey towards securing a new home and ensuring that the printing trade not only survives but thrives for future generations. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a shared dream of bringing positive change to Aylesbury, ensuring the Ducks’ legacy continues to resonate within our community.”

By joining hands with Xpress Labels, Aylesbury United embarks on a new chapter of growth, community engagement, and shared success. As the partnership flourishes, it symbolises a beacon of hope for Aylesbury’s future, where tradition and innovation intersect to create a lasting impact.