Sustainability in Pressure Sensitive Label Printing

David RossArticle

Sustainability plays a crucial role in today’s business landscape, driving the future of companies like Xpress Labels Limited in Aylesbury. Sustainability is deeply embedded in our company’s values, evident in our commitment to producing sustainable, pressure sensitive labels and our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Xpress Labels is dedicated to achieving sustainability goals.

We believe that sustainability is as important as quality, service, and price, but we also believe that it’s important to be honest with our customers. We’re not perfect, but have committed to making progress; here are some of the things we’re doing to be more sustainable:

  • Our company cars are electric as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, promoting electric mobility.
  • Since 2016, all pressure sensitive material waste has been sent for recycling as part of our Zero Waste Vision. The waste is transformed into fuel blocks that are used in the production of concrete. This indicates that we have successfully reached zero waste sent to landfills.
  • Xpress Labels is FSC certified, demonstrating our dedication to responsible forestry and sourcing practices.
  • We are transitioning our customers to more sustainable, pressure sensitive materials from suppliers like Avery Dennison and Herma to maintain quality while prioritising environmental values.
  • Water wash plate making involves using water washable printing plates that offer quality, speed, and precision in a sustainable flexo plate, eliminating the use of harmful VOC solvent washout in the platemaking process.

Examining the importance of green labels.

Conventional pressure sensitive labels, although practical, and available in a wide variety, can have significant environmental repercussions.

The sourcing of raw materials may deplete natural resources and is not sustainable in the long term. Energy-intensive manufacturing of product packaging materials adds to the carbon footprint. The disposal of many post-consumer waste labels can result in environmental degradation through landfill waste.

In the rapidly changing marketplace, brands must recognise the need for sustainable practices, not just to meet regulations but also to resonate with increasingly eco-aware consumers. Which is why we are looking to offer a wide range of pressure sensitive label stocks and encourage companies requiring product packaging to consider the use of sensitive label solutions as part of their label designs.

Focusing on innovation for the future.

The pressure sensitive label printing industry has always put innovation at the forefront of its thinking. Xpress Labels is leading the way in developing functional labels for a sustainable solution within a circular economy. Our printing techniques and wide variety of materials in various colours can bring your label to life.

We are using biodegradable and recycled materials in our sustainable pressure sensitive label products in collaboration with partners such as Avery Dennison and Herma. Our label stocks will be available to the packaging industry, offering a wide range of options. We are implementing energy-efficient printing and eliminating harmful chemicals to set a new industry standard for pressure sensitive labels. We are advocating for innovations like linerless labels and recycling initiatives to reduce post-consumer waste. Linerless labels allow for more labels on a roll, saving space, energy, and reducing waste, making them ideal for absorbent surfaces like cardboard. Linerless labels lack a silicone backing for easy removal.

Our commitment to sustainability.

For Xpress Labels, sustainable packaging is both a duty and a strategic decision. Our capabilities in both digital printing and flexographic printing make us an ideal printing company for anyone who is conscious of their impact on the planet and their need to manage their label costs.

Our sustainable pressure-sensitive labels appeal to consumers and improve our brand’s trustworthiness. Green initiatives can lead to cost savings in the long run and demonstrate our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Being sustainability pioneers helps us stay prepared for changes in global regulations and be your trusted label supplier for standard labels and self-adhesive labels in a variety of adhesives and finishes.

Creating a way forward.

Like Xpress, many label printers in our industry are already showcasing the transformative power of green initiatives in sensitive labels. Manufacturers help businesses select the appropriate material based on factors such as product type, packaging material, and environmental conditions.

By implementing water-based plate making, UV-LED curing processes, and renewable materials, companies can achieve both environmental benefits and operational improvements.

Our sustainable goal is a commitment to a continuous journey of sustainability, not just a destination. Sustainability is an ongoing process, Xpress recognises that current practices have areas for improvement. Which is why, by partnering with companies like Avery Dennison and Herma, and by setting tangible goals with regular evaluations, we are committed to change.

Xpress has a firm belief in sustainability in the pressure sensitive label printing sector. Xpress Labels, through partnership is creating a brighter, eco-friendly future, that may one day be carbon neutral in its entirety.

We know there is always room for improvement, and will not rest on our achievements in our sustainability efforts. We will maintain transparency with our customers about our sustainability initiatives and look forward to further advancements in the future.