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At Xpress we have Flexographic and Digital presses providing quality labels for small and large runs to accommodate all business sizes, be it global, large, small or marketing exercises we can provide great pricing for everyone.

We use the very latest screening and plate technology available on the market allowing us to offer the ultimate in flexographic screening which challenges the quality differences typically associated with digital, offset and garvure printing.

Carefully controlled dots produce incredible image detail from highlight to shadow. The result is a quality of print on flexible substrates that was previously challenging in a flexographic environment.



Our in house pre press manager works with all our customers to ensure that their concept becomes a reality

Digital Printing

Using digital print technology we make running small to medium jobs over multiple types easy and cost effective.

Flexographic Printing

With 3 flexographic presses setup for different tasks we are able to print up to 9 colours


We have in house shrink-wrapping facilities enabling us to wrap 1 roll or multiple rolls together to make a set. Additionally we can also barcode the outer roll after the wrapping

Colour Matching

We have implemented closed loop colour control standard, ink mixing dispensers and certified colour control software technology enabling us to mix and match any colour the customer requires with a guaranteed Delta E of less than 2 every time. Combined with HD plates and the best anilox technology along with state of the art screening technology we look to make your label stand out.

Foiling & Lamination

Adding hot or cold foil to any label gives it that extra special touch. Lamination can be used to make your label harder wearing or cast and cure to give a holographic, unique eye catching finish.

Peel & Read

We can offer multi page peel & read labels for customers who have a small space to fill we can add extra pages to make that small space feel even bigger


Using simple matt, gloss or satin varnish can give your label additional style, also tactile varnishes can be used so the touch and feel of the label gives an extra dimension and makes your product stand out.

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