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Beer, Wine and Spirit Label Printing

Zero to Landfill - Labels and Foil

Label printing has a bad environmental record in the United Kingdom owing to the complexity of the waste generated. With a retail and consumer emphasis on the negative environmental impacts of waste, we have met the need for increased environmental awareness. The reforms have a direct impact on the supply chain and are now being reinforced by industry to guarantee their implementation. Recognising this, we (Xpress Labels) have collaborated with specialists from Prismm Environmental and are delighted that 99.73% of our label waste has been diverted from landfill. Our goal is to have 100% of our waste utilised in the UK as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Beer, Wine and Spirit Label Printing

Endorsed by the British Printing Industry Federation

Xpress Labels are members of the print industries only label waste scheme, ZeroLabels2Landfill, which is championed and sponsored exclusively by BPIF. The scheme caters for all size production facilities, with members having as little as 600kg per collection, to 26 tonnes per collection. The BPIF scheme provides a starting point for a business’s environmental efforts as well as helps define and achieve environmental sustainability improvements.

Our commitment to a more sustainable industry

We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. Through recycling of all waste materials, we can demonstrate that our operations are both good for the planet and compliant with environmental and regulatory recommendations.

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