Xpress Labels Ltd has been awarded an AA+ rating from BRCGS

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Regulatory compliance and commitment to safety.

Xpress Labels has achieved an AA+ grade rating in their first unannounced audit in August 2023, which we are delighted to announce. This certification standard confirms our commitment to packaging safety, quality and integrity within our business operations. This rating from BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) further solidifies our position as a trusted manufacturing facility and a reliable supplier in the packaging industry.

Xpress Labels has achieved one of the highest grades possible in a BRCGS audit, showcasing their ability to meet and surpass the strict requirements set by the organisation with an AA+ rating. This rating reflects our dedication to upholding high standards of safety and quality in every aspect of our business, and helps build our reputation through legal compliance.

At Xpress, we understand the importance of safety systems to maintain the trust of our customers. By obtaining this prestigious AA+ rating, we can give assurance to our clients. Our operations run with the highest level of compliance through BRCGS standards and certification audits.


Safety and conformity.

BRCGS are global standards that establish quality, safety, and consumer protection benchmarks, supporting brand reputation by ensuring compliance. A good custom label printing company will be able to guide you through this process. Xpress takes food safety standards seriously and has built a reputation through compliance. We undertake internal audits on a continuous basis and feature them in our quality management system.

The grading scale plays a crucial role in determining the rigorous standards for food safety and quality in a business. The highest grade is AA, which represents the highest level of compliance and is regarded as the gold standard. At the lowest level, an uncertified grade indicates a failure to meet the required standards. Non-conformities identified during audits by certification bodies are key factors in determining the grade a business receives. These can range from critical non-conformance, major non-conformance, to minor non-conformance, depending on their severity against brand risk. Critical non-conformities are particularly serious as they involve direct food industry safety or legal issues that pose a significant risk to consumer protection.

These BRCGS packaging audits are undertaken by a third-party certification body organisation. The BRCGS has certified them in order to confirm the effectiveness of our controls, systems, and commitment. ‘Unannounced audits’ mean that an auditor can turn up at our site at any time on any day for an audit lasting at least one and a half days. An audit report is produced, and any conformance issues must be addressed immediately.

BRCGS AA Grade now comes as standard at Xpress.

The BRCGS AA Grade is a prestigious achievement that can greatly impact a business’s reputation and success. A poor rating can cost an organisation its livelihood and destroy its industry credibility. Businesses that wish to distinguish out must aim for a high grade. Many clients prefer AA-graded companies, while others are happy with a B. Food manufacturers and other businesses can distinguish out from competition and attract larger clients who appreciate process control in quality and safety by getting this top-tier accreditation.

This standard is the first certification recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). BRCGS Packaging Materials is now in its 6th edition and has become the global industry benchmark. Across the supply chain, producers of food packaging produces use it.

The ultimate success was achieved through team effort.

David Ross, Managing Director, said: “We chose this unannounced option to show that we operate to the highest standards every day of the year, not just on one prearranged date.” He went on to say: “AA+ is a terrific result and honours our staff’s hard work. The entire Xpress team contributed to this great outcome.”

We would like to thank our team for their hard work and dedication in achieving this exceptional rating. It is through their commitment to excellence that we have been able to establish ourselves as leaders in packaging safety , product safety, food safety culture, and quality control.

Moving forward, we will continue to uphold these high standards and strive for even greater achievements in the future. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with quality packaging solutions that meet their needs.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Xpress Labels. We are proud to have received this prestigious AA+ rating and will continue to deliver on our promise of product quality.

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